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The Claremont – Five star guest accommodation

December 1st, 2008 by The Claremont

The entire team here at The Claremont is very proud to have recently played host to the ratings inspector from Visit Britain. Checking in as a “real” guest, the inspector reveals him or herself to us after breakfast (apparently there are no laws against it!) Thanks to the dedication and professionalism of all our staff, we not only retained our five star guest accommodation status, but in addition gained a Silver Accolade! Well done Team Claremont!

Meanwhile out in our garden the squirrels are moving home. A rather large sycamore tree just over our garden wall in a neighbouring property has recently been felled! Pickfords were called in and now those busy rodents are nestling in another tree just yards away. They seem oblivious to all the activity around them and are still scurrying around carrying their nuts in their paws, which is a good trick if you can do it!

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